The attorneys at Johnson Anselmo regularly handle labor and employment cases on behalf of both individuals and employers. The firm has vast experience handling discrimination, harassment, retaliation, and wage-related claims asserted under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Age Discrimination and Employment Act, the Family Medical Leave Act, the Florida Civil Rights Act, the Equal Pay Act, the Fair Labor Standards Act, Florida’s Whistleblower’s Act, and other similar federal, state, and local laws and ordinances. The attorneys also routinely handle workers compensation claims, breach of employment contract claims, negligent retention, supervision, and hiring claims, defamation claims, and assault, battery, and intentional infliction of emotional distress claims asserted against employers and their employees.

The attorneys at Johnson Anselmo handle employment-related matters in both state and federal courts from inception through trial and maintain an active employment law practice throughout the state of Florida. The attorneys at Johnson Anselmo frequently handle matters at the administrative level with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the Florida Commission on Human Relations. The attorneys draft formal responses to charges of discrimination and actively participate in pre-suit requests for information, investigations, interviews, hearings, and mediations. The attorneys likewise frequently negotiate favorable pre-suit resolutions for their clients when their clients wish to avoid formal litigation. The attorneys then meet with their clients to develop a comprehensive and effective legal strategy once formal litigation commences.

Outside of formal litigation, the attorneys regularly counsel their defense clients regarding compliance, handbook practice, and best employment practices in the workplace to avoid or otherwise minimize potential exposure and liability.  The firm believes that every employer should take a proactive rather than a reactive approach to employment-related issues in the workplace.

The attorneys at Johnson Anselmo recognize the uncertainty and strains associated with employment-related disputes in the workplace. They are well-versed to actively counsel their clients in constantly evolving areas of law. They recognize that each and every case is unique and that no two sets of facts are the same. But the attorneys’ dedication to each and every case is the same. No shortcuts are taken, and the attorneys utilize their extensive knowledge, experience, and resources to zealously advocate for their clients and to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Labor and Employment Law

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